Wings! Chorus

Women Inspired by the Never-ending Gift of Song!

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           “Something changes in me, anytime there’s someone       singing, all the songs I’ve never forgotten, let our voices sing them strong.”           H. Near, J. Scott, D. Nakamoto
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  An Amherst based women’s community chorus                                                                                                                                                                              featuring women from all over the Pioneer Valley

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Wings! Women’s Chorus. 
   Wings! The Amherst Women’s community chorus who gather together because we love to sing, laugh, perform and have a good time!  We explore a variety of music, harmony, rhythms and vocal ideas, in a supportive atmosphere.
We sing songs of:           
 inspiration and joy
 freedom and struggle
 courage and hope
 comfort and spirit
 fun and celebration
Our Repertoire Includes:
 world folk music  
 harmonies and rounds
 vintage rock and pop
 show tunes
 jazz standards
 gospel music
 The Amherst women’s chorus enlivens community, holiday,  benefits and private events.  We sing as a Full chorus,  featuring small ensembles and soloists; as well as guest singers and musicians.  We also sing and travel in small groups.
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